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Sweden diary – day 1

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Stockholm’s central train station in it’s normal moist environment

I’ve been on the road now for 17 hours now. I’m in Sundsvall, my destination, and i’m writing this from the poor man’s starbucks, Mcdonalds. God bless their free wi-fi and hearts. Because mind you, the train stations don’t relaly have FREE wi-fi, no matter what those filthy signs say. LIES AND DECEIT.

Anyway, it was a long trip, but one i didn’t get bored in because i was to  busy keeping my eyes open and trying to find out what the fuck is happening around me. I haven’t shut up this much in years, possibly since the first day of college. It was hard, I’ve never really been alone, so this is an interesting experience. The best description would be my classic phrase. This will be funny… though probably not pleasant.

Being alone is such an alien figure. Though as i am here now, it’s like romania after i’ve had a stroke and can no longer understand what people are saying, cause swedish sounds exactly like gibberish.

Now it’s time to spend a night in a train station, cause i’m mostly too poor for a hostel. I tehnically  could afford it, but i’d rather not, really.

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august 26, 2012 at 8:34 pm

Thoughts of ice and death

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Si iaca colea afara ca e frig de tot, nince, o nins si ieri si totul e de o veselie excesiva atat in natura cat si in inima omului. Glumesc, desigur. DOar o venit Valentine’s day ieri si io mi-am pus un status ca sa celebrez chestia asta. De fiecare data in perioada asta a anului ma simt foarte singur si mizantropul din mine imi zice ca ar fi o idee buna sa merg sa omor cupluri prin parcuri. I might one day dar nu situ cum totdeauna gasesc alte lucruri sa fac sau imi e lene. Iaca asa ca am stat acasa, i tried to creep people out si am trimis un e-card dupa multe deliberari interioare intre bucatile personalitatilor mele care nu se inteleg intre ele si care doamne ajuta, nu au com sa se omoare reciproc, ceea ce sunt sigur ca ar incerca daca ar avea ocazia. Deci io, ca o persoana normala ce sunt, ieri am stat acasa, am dormit si am fost la kendo unde am incercat sa perfectionez rta de a da cu batul in aer si astfel sa better myself si aportul meu la societate. For some strange reason i can;t help but feel ca it is helping a little in that regard. Iaca ase ca acuma am decis sa scriu pe blog dar evident nu am nici cea mai mica intentie sa imi dezvaluiesc sentimente reprimate cu atata grija sub valuri de ura si mizantropie si nu planific sa dezvalui dorinte de-ale mele pentru viata personala. Am cugetat asupra descrierii unei crime imaginare de prin parcurile mentionate mai sus dar quite frankly nu am chef de descrieri laborioase despre cum ajung sa mananc ficatul oamenilor de pe acolo si dupa aia i jerk off in the knife wounds. Asa ca ce sa scriu? I dunno. Hai sa vorbim despre sentimentele mele!

It’s a lonely time for a lonely person, i wish you the best now bugger off.

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februarie 15, 2009 at 8:44 pm

Campionatul national de kendo

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Si asa am fost si eu la campionatul national de kendo . Ca si spectator.amza-gabriel-5068

Intreaga chestie a fost foarte interesanta si educativa….dar frig. Foarte foarte frig. Pe tren am nimerit cu o echipa de atletism si fetele erau dragute. Si, from what i can immagine, bendy.

In bucuresti a fost frig si ceata, dar aia vine in alt blog post. La kendo a fost interesant, am avut ocazia sa vad in sfarsit cum arata kendo intr-o competitie mai oficioasa si nu doar in dojo si mi se pare foarte foarte diferit. Poate pe la vremea asta peste vreo 2 ani ajung si io pe acolo. 🙂


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decembrie 10, 2008 at 9:59 am