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Lessons of Skyrim

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1. The people of Skyrim don’t appreciate you calling their country Skyrim. They pronounce it Sweden, and they call themselves swedish. Act and talk accordingly in public.

2. Moose are more dangerous than dragons and allegedly more delicious. It’s why everyone hunts them.

3. Nothing is spicy in Skyrim unless you are going to buy it from the Redguards or the chinese shops. Those actually know what spicy means.

4. The denizens of ”Sweden” have a drinking problem, so all the booze at ye olde shoppe is actually light beer/cider. All the proper drinks are in a government run store that you have to go to during the day. Nobody judges you buying 3 liter bags of wine, because everyone is doing it.

5. Cars are peaceful animals, for the most part. Don’t let this lull in vehicular violence get you off your guard. It only takes one car to introduce you to the pavement in an insistent fashion.

6. You can camp anywhere in Skyrim for 24h, much like the in-game sleeping. However while you sleep people may try and rob you,  people may shoot you because you look like a moose (because of sleepwalking with antlers on, i don’t know your life) or moose my confuse you and thing you are a moose. If this is the wrong time of the year you’ll wish you can forget that night, and there ain’t enough tequila in the world to get that out of your head.

7. The water and the air are great, buth food will always taste strange. Also bread is expensive.

8. The dragons don’t move as much as i expected, they are rather statuesque and they don’t eat too many people.

More soon.

Written by CyberFaust

septembrie 25, 2012 at 2:22 pm

Sweden diary – day 1

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Stockholm’s central train station in it’s normal moist environment

I’ve been on the road now for 17 hours now. I’m in Sundsvall, my destination, and i’m writing this from the poor man’s starbucks, Mcdonalds. God bless their free wi-fi and hearts. Because mind you, the train stations don’t relaly have FREE wi-fi, no matter what those filthy signs say. LIES AND DECEIT.

Anyway, it was a long trip, but one i didn’t get bored in because i was to  busy keeping my eyes open and trying to find out what the fuck is happening around me. I haven’t shut up this much in years, possibly since the first day of college. It was hard, I’ve never really been alone, so this is an interesting experience. The best description would be my classic phrase. This will be funny… though probably not pleasant.

Being alone is such an alien figure. Though as i am here now, it’s like romania after i’ve had a stroke and can no longer understand what people are saying, cause swedish sounds exactly like gibberish.

Now it’s time to spend a night in a train station, cause i’m mostly too poor for a hostel. I tehnically  could afford it, but i’d rather not, really.

Written by CyberFaust

august 26, 2012 at 8:34 pm


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Somewhere out there

I’m sipping from a mug of tea. It’s my favorite, Lapsang Souchong. Nothing has ever come close to the effect it’s aroma and smell have on me. They nourish  ideas of comfort and invite detachment from the dark corners of the world to which my mind often wonders. The dark corners are the places my subconscious bids me to travel while my mind  pulls me apart from them and proposes I never leave the comfort of my chair. Can uncomfortable armrests ever be the worst of my problems? I don’t think so. A life where uncomfortable armrests are a real issue isn’t exactly a life. Fuck those armrests.

I’m restless these days. It has something to do with recent events in my life. I’ve found passion again. I feel it in my blood. How could something so small have such a wide ranging effect?

It’s been years…

I have returned to my dire need of adventure. The Capa calls to me. So does La Vie Velominatus. And so does art, if you can call what I do art. I have started to because many people have called it that too, and I’ve been informed that it’s OK to name yourself that when it’s common knowledge that art is what you do and people treat it as such. Mind you, clients probably never will. But people, the good, bad and ugly. I had forgotten how the lack of comfort feels. I like it. The chair nags at my brain and i find myself holding a camera just because. The sound of the shutter is as romantic as it always was and I need to explore all the dark places of the world and bring them under the hard, judging light of my flashing judgement. I was never really a journalist. I always care, I always get involved and I always express a point of view. I’ve never really believed in Truth, just in points of view. I guess studying journalism taught me that one.

One day i may have the courage to photograph parts of my own life. My cravings and my needs. My loves and my hates. I’ve always avoided that. I never photograph love, and I rarely photograph friends. What could be harder than to lose  those and still have your stills ready to watch and be watched. Memories change. Negatives don’t. They sometimes age with you but that seldom is enough. I fear this may be my biggest failure. Some day the adventure will take me to my front door. But once there what will i do?

There are many times I’ve though I should stop caring. About my subjects, about life, etc. I was sometimes close to thinking that’s what should be done because it prevents pain. Man, those times were stupid. There’s nothing better in this world than caring, even if it’s the stupidest thing you could do (it always is). Everything ends, and it mostly ends horribly but that’s the charm. One must care. Otherwise where’s the adventure?

Written by CyberFaust

ianuarie 5, 2012 at 8:36 pm