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Sweden diary – day 1

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Stockholm’s central train station in it’s normal moist environment

I’ve been on the road now for 17 hours now. I’m in Sundsvall, my destination, and i’m writing this from the poor man’s starbucks, Mcdonalds. God bless their free wi-fi and hearts. Because mind you, the train stations don’t relaly have FREE wi-fi, no matter what those filthy signs say. LIES AND DECEIT.

Anyway, it was a long trip, but one i didn’t get bored in because i was to  busy keeping my eyes open and trying to find out what the fuck is happening around me. I haven’t shut up this much in years, possibly since the first day of college. It was hard, I’ve never really been alone, so this is an interesting experience. The best description would be my classic phrase. This will be funny… though probably not pleasant.

Being alone is such an alien figure. Though as i am here now, it’s like romania after i’ve had a stroke and can no longer understand what people are saying, cause swedish sounds exactly like gibberish.

Now it’s time to spend a night in a train station, cause i’m mostly too poor for a hostel. I tehnically  could afford it, but i’d rather not, really.

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august 26, 2012 at 8:34 pm

A two wheeled learning experience

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Picture source: Velominati

It’s fairly important that i mention: I only learned how to ride a bike when I was already an adult, so I was pretty late to that party. I had a shitty mountain-bike in high-school, it had a short life, died, and then the rest of it got stolen, such things happen. After that i took a serious and dedicated break to pursue other seemingly important things in life, like getting into college, studying at college and getting on with my photography, developing a personal style and what not. But something still felt off…

At one point i started craving freedom, the ability to go where i please, i noticed something stirring deep in me as i watched road bikes going past me on the street. Something had to be done! and i was pretty certain i knew what: BIANCHI!

Several weeks and 100 euros later i was well on my way to becoming a spandex clad pedaling machine on my brand new old Bianchi Campione del Mondo. This was something i had never felt before. The smoothness of a road bike, how it floats through the streets of the city, how it glides. This was freedom, I was flying! I think that’s the time when i really got hooked, those first few days on my first road bike. I started doing longer and longer rides on my own and eventually made a few friends to go on rides with, i still talk to most of them. It’s amazing how bikes bring people together.I think I’ve only met two people in my life  that I dislike while on bike rides. And even that was easy to bear because of the enviroment.

I’ve gone through many bikes since then and am now settled with a alu/carbon Bonetti with Campagnolo bits and Marchisio wheels, but that’s not really relevant. In these two years of pedaling that I’ve done i’ve learned much from this hobby of mine, because i dare not call it a sport though I guess I understand why some people would. For me it’s much more than a pastime, but then again I take all the things I do very seriously indeed. It’s a way of life, much like photography, and from it i’ve managed to extract some important life lessons that i’d like to present to you, in no particular order:

  1. I’ve learned to enjoy solitude.
  2. I’ve learned to suffer with a smile.
  3. I’ve learned I hate headwinds.
  4. I’ve learned that there are things that can always bring people together.
  5. I’ve learned who I am, mapped some of the paths of my own mind and i have an inkling of how i work, at least in some respects.
  6. I’ve learned that motivation is everything.
  7. I’ve learned that friendship is the best thing you can ever offer anyone, and the best thing you can ever get. (sometimes it’s a metaphor made into a spare tube from a total stranger)
  8. I’ve learned that i love the rain.
  9. I’ve learned how to see beauty in the white line on the road.
  10. I’ve learned that mud is great fun, and so is getting really dirty.
  11. I’ve learned to have (some) consistency in my efforts.
  12. I’ve learned where i have to look inside me to pull out that extra bit of power and commitment, and it was a pleasant discovery to find out what exactly is in the middle of my being.
  13. I’ve learned that losing is irrelevant, all the victory you’ll ever need is knowing you did your best.
  14. I’ve learned that La Volupte is not just something that happens to other people.
  15. I’ve learned that La vie Velominati is a beautiful life.
  16. I’ve learned that sometimes you just have to be belgian about it.
  17. I’ve learned that if you don’t get going you’re never gonna get where you’re going.

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ianuarie 30, 2012 at 7:47 pm

In a dark alley

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Photo by Zorislav ''Z-Bone'' Stojanovic

It’s dark and cold on the city’s streets tonight. Autumn seemes to have made a timely arrival, covering the land with her windy veil. I can tell, she’s already wraped herself around my neck like a gealous mistress, clinging, suffocating. I hope the throat infection will dissapear soon, the coughing fits make a paranoid mind think of lots of things in the middle of the night when the only thing you share your bed with is one of them huggable pillows.

My mind returns to the streets i’m walking as an old garbage truck almost runs me over. It’s hard to think in this downpour and it’s even harder to see. The noodle stands are all closed in this district already, new laws from city central have cut down on all nightlife and all the seedy fun you can find in seedy places. I guess it’s just the price people pay to feel safer. With all the rapists and the thieves out in the rain, cussing bitterly instead of having a glass of the old cheap-and-strong going down their necks.

The rain starts getting in my shoes, the soggyness makes them no diferent from anything else i can think of at this point. It’s all soggy over here tonight, even dreams. I turn left down an alleyway. Lights dim as my eyes adjust to it quickly because i’ve closed them in the last few seconds on the well lit street, just in case any soggy surprises may be waiting for me on this rainy night. Somewhere around here my contact should be waiting for me but I came early. I set myself up in a dark corner that’s just as soggy as the damn rest and I wait. The rain goes through my trenchcoat like it’s made out of paper and i can feel my badge sticking to my chest. For a moment it’s even colder than the rain and my lonely thoughts, taking my breath away with an icy bite…damn plastic.

My contact still hasn’t showed up and i’m thankful i didn’t bring my piece with me. In times like these things that can break when wet should be left at home. Either way, interested eyes that know what to look for can see it on your shouldger and get crazy ideas, and you wouldn’t want that in this kinda town on this kinda night. The canon i usually have straped to my shoulder isn’t big enough or expensive enough for this kinda job anyway.I shrug away the creeping cold and have a fit of coughing that i feel ringing deep inside my head. I’m getting too old for…

And there she is, high heels on the cobblees ringing out in the night, her face obscured by the deeper darkness under her umbrella, she walks towards me and i reach into my pocket. She hesitates a moment but remembers herself and carries on, a real dame, this one. As she gets close i don’t say a word, distracted my her scent in the wind, dampened by the rain. I mindlessly take out the envelope in my pocket and she takes it away with a mumble, reaching for hwe own, i take it and look inside. I’m not worried, she’s not double-crossing me on this and the things in the envelopes don’t bet soggy in the rain. I nod and leave. ”Enjoy your wedding pictures.”

To be continued.

Written by CyberFaust

octombrie 5, 2010 at 7:11 pm