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Riders watch the race while preparing and waiting for their turn at the ITT prologue of the Tour of Sibiu

I’m in a hotel room, one that isn’t as dingy as i usually expect them to be. I’m here with a few other press people, we’re the  press for this year’s Tour of Sibiu. It’s only on it’s second edition and already it’s the biggest cycling tour in Romania. The tour of Romania ain’t got nothing on these guys as far as organising goes. The riders are fierce, the bikes are sexy beasts and i’m ready to take pictures of all of it as it happens. More or less. Because i don’t have a press motorcycle and that’s just something i’ll have to deal with. Huzzah!

So far we had a glorious ITT in the brutally cobbled winding medieval city center and the teams presentation, today it’ll be paltinis and on the morrow i’ll be heading towards the beautiful and gorgeous Transfagarasan highway. It’s quite high.

I’m loving every second of this tour. I’ve been waiting to do this for such a long time and it has yet to dissapoint in a big way, so faar the pictures have been sweet as hell. This will be glorious.

Vive la vie Velominati!

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iulie 5, 2012 at 7:58 am