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Possibly the wierdest thing you will ever, EVER fucking see

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Let me make this clear, e 2 noaptea, si eu stau aici doing research about internet memes. This in itself is odd, pentru ca dupa ce petreci cateva ore din viata in compania unor chestii de genul „orly owls” sau „kekekekekeke” sau „haxxor!!!!!!!!!!!11oneoneoneshiftoneoneeightoneoneoneone” shit starts getting wierd as hell.

And the this comes along and simply puts all the others asleep in Normalsville USA.

Daca nu v-a convins tentacle porn-ul ca japonezii are fucked up in the head, behold, the YATTA! song!!!
(yatta inseamna „yay” sau „i did it” you should know it de la Hiro.

The horror, the horror!

Written by CyberFaust

aprilie 15, 2008 at 10:54 pm

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