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Our awesome space battle. In SPACE!!!

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The arena. Photo by Alex Vancu

”Laser tag is AWESOME!” Is pretty much the summary of this post, in case you don’t really feel like reading the whole thing. If you do however want to read the whole thing i recommend you use a childlike voice filled with glee, because that’s how it sounds in my head it’s how it was intended.

So after a clown touched me in a bad way with his balloon the other day Iulian, one of my party members, suddenly remembered that he had something to show us.  A space bar taht has laser tag and is conveniently placed near the center of town, where we were. We go see, because ne needed to waste some time and frankly a place called Space Bar sounds like it could be the place to spend it. Inside we find a great bar with monochrome designs that look like the future. They also have evil egg shaed swivel chairs. *swoon* We are impressed by this but then the guy asks if we wanna see the laser tag court. Yes, yes we damn would. OMG!!!!! It looks like SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!! I had the strangest boner as i went through that maze of neon and dark light where everything looked radioactive. I’ve never in my life been in a real map from Unreal Tournament or AvP. This was it, this was gold. This is our new gaming den. A DM on a evil swivel chair seems like a natural choice.

Today we want back there after some frantic searches to find enough people with enough free time and enough free cash so we can do this. Eventually all my expectations we’re exploded into space when we actually managed to get more than the minimum of players. We were 8 in the end. Me, Jew, Iulian, Alice, Motzi, Milena, her fiancee and her brother.

”So, what are we playing. Team deathmatch or free for all?”


And purge it we did. After A quick  talk about the rules that went something like this: ” The first rule of space is that there are no rules, the second rule is that you shouldn’t run DOWN that ramp or you’ll  die.”

Then we go in and all hell breaks loose. Lasers and D&B music are everywhere. I feel like I’m Commander Shepard or some sort of poor PDF guy killing xeno scum. At first you run, and you frag. This keeps going and eventually you tire. You hear your own breathing and your eyes move quickly through the maze looking for the blinking lights of another player. A enemy. Sometimes you get him, sometimes he gets you but perspiration starts dripping from your nose and soon you also hear your heart along with your laboured breath. What the hell, this is only 20 minutes, how much longer is this going on. You meat your enemy in a convoluted memory of a shootout. Everyone looses many times and you start feeling more and more tired. Adrenaline keeps you going after that. It’s a war, and war never changes. It’s either you or him and you’ll do everything in your power to make sure it’s him.

The best moments of that game were the small moments of friendship. Of a pat on the back when you die, or when you kill someone. It’s a small thing but it means a lot. It’s the moment that separates it from the true hell of war. It’s the camaraderie of battle without it’s pain. It’s pure unadulterated fun.

We’ll be doing this every week now. It’s a great way to make friends and a great way to get to know yours better. In my group we’re all battle brothers. We’re a party of adventurers, it’s how we know each other but laser-tag came to complete taht and take it to new levels.


Oh, and Alice took a  gun to the face somehow. Don’t ask me how, I didn’t do it.

Written by CyberFaust

ianuarie 6, 2012 at 9:01 pm


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Somewhere out there

I’m sipping from a mug of tea. It’s my favorite, Lapsang Souchong. Nothing has ever come close to the effect it’s aroma and smell have on me. They nourish  ideas of comfort and invite detachment from the dark corners of the world to which my mind often wonders. The dark corners are the places my subconscious bids me to travel while my mind  pulls me apart from them and proposes I never leave the comfort of my chair. Can uncomfortable armrests ever be the worst of my problems? I don’t think so. A life where uncomfortable armrests are a real issue isn’t exactly a life. Fuck those armrests.

I’m restless these days. It has something to do with recent events in my life. I’ve found passion again. I feel it in my blood. How could something so small have such a wide ranging effect?

It’s been years…

I have returned to my dire need of adventure. The Capa calls to me. So does La Vie Velominatus. And so does art, if you can call what I do art. I have started to because many people have called it that too, and I’ve been informed that it’s OK to name yourself that when it’s common knowledge that art is what you do and people treat it as such. Mind you, clients probably never will. But people, the good, bad and ugly. I had forgotten how the lack of comfort feels. I like it. The chair nags at my brain and i find myself holding a camera just because. The sound of the shutter is as romantic as it always was and I need to explore all the dark places of the world and bring them under the hard, judging light of my flashing judgement. I was never really a journalist. I always care, I always get involved and I always express a point of view. I’ve never really believed in Truth, just in points of view. I guess studying journalism taught me that one.

One day i may have the courage to photograph parts of my own life. My cravings and my needs. My loves and my hates. I’ve always avoided that. I never photograph love, and I rarely photograph friends. What could be harder than to lose  those and still have your stills ready to watch and be watched. Memories change. Negatives don’t. They sometimes age with you but that seldom is enough. I fear this may be my biggest failure. Some day the adventure will take me to my front door. But once there what will i do?

There are many times I’ve though I should stop caring. About my subjects, about life, etc. I was sometimes close to thinking that’s what should be done because it prevents pain. Man, those times were stupid. There’s nothing better in this world than caring, even if it’s the stupidest thing you could do (it always is). Everything ends, and it mostly ends horribly but that’s the charm. One must care. Otherwise where’s the adventure?

Written by CyberFaust

ianuarie 5, 2012 at 8:36 pm

Up: The little house that could

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I love blimps

I love blimps

I like movies, you know, and 2009 was one interesting year when it comes to movies. It had some great movies. Watchmen, Inglorious Basterds, AVATAR, Moon, Black Dynamite just to name a few of my favorites. I haven’t seen all of the great movies of 2009 and, to tell teh truth, they were all ”the greatest movie of the year” as i walked out of the cinema.  Still, i have to watch a few more. I didn’t see ”where the wild things are” and  the wolf man. Neither have i seen The duo of second comings that are New Moon and Transformers 2. I am however optimistic and so i hope never to see them unless i start killing children and eating their liver. In that case i expect to see them in hell. Anyway, let’s talk about my most recent ”Best Movie of the Year!!!”

Up is another one of those  generic heart warming Pixar movies that make you feel all warm and cuddly inside while making your eyes feel sweaty (probably because of all the warmth in your heart). It surprises me how they can keep these going so well, WALLEEEEE was much of the same pit of heart warming nonsence. It just didn’t reach me because it’s hard for me to relate to a monosilabic little dumpster and his upper-class MAC swwtie who has the same capability for speech (and therefore are macs any beyyer, i ask you?).


What a great story! The characters are excelent and, as far as i’m concerned, the writers deserve a pat on the back. and by pat on the back i mean a great big sack of money and a paid expedition to south america. They bloody well deserve it, let me tell you. The script was brilliant, the characters as well. The cinematography excelent and the soundtrack really enhanced the feel of the movie. I hope Pixar is pushing Up for the Oscars. it deserves a few at the very least. it’s incredible.

Not pictured in Up.

Not pictured in Up.

The background of it’s characters. Explained in the opening sequence gave me tears on more than one ocasion. It was heart touching and beautiful. No dialogue at all, mind you. Just great imagery taht utterly explains the story without needing text or a narator’s talkyness. (that’s the professional term, that) The rest of the movie follows that same lead. The dialogue is great and it really gives you a feel for the characters. The action follows and expands. Taking the characters: Karl Fredricksen (an old man who always planed for adventure but never got around to it)  and Russell (a young, over-eager scout) to strange and glorious places on a quest to fulfill dreams and witness the Spirit of Adventure!

PS: I’m surprised to finally see a generic yourn asian-american child for once. Instead of some sort of bland little twirp who speeks in a funni accenth as if we were taken straight out of some 40s cartoon.

UP had the same effect on me as a rather eager french prostitute named Butch would have It stabbed me right in the fucking heart (then proceded to take my wallet and leg it out of the cardboard box i was living in at the time). It was one of the most heart touching stories i’ve seen all year. The whole idea strikes a chord in me that few movies have matched. Thusly i seem to have been blubbing for a great part of the movie as if i was a french person who just found out he’s adopted and is, in fact, not french at all (it’s not as funny to witness though). All of the bits of the movie work great together, enhancing the feeling of it all. The movie did well in box offices and i hope it’ll be remembered in the colective consciousness of people who like good movies. May it age like fine cheese but with less mold.

I’m curious to know what you thing, so leave a message if you have an opinion you feel is worthy of sharing.

Written by CyberFaust

ianuarie 6, 2010 at 9:27 pm