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On assignment

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Riders watch the race while preparing and waiting for their turn at the ITT prologue of the Tour of Sibiu

I’m in a hotel room, one that isn’t as dingy as i usually expect them to be. I’m here with a few other press people, we’re the  press for this year’s Tour of Sibiu. It’s only on it’s second edition and already it’s the biggest cycling tour in Romania. The tour of Romania ain’t got nothing on these guys as far as organising goes. The riders are fierce, the bikes are sexy beasts and i’m ready to take pictures of all of it as it happens. More or less. Because i don’t have a press motorcycle and that’s just something i’ll have to deal with. Huzzah!

So far we had a glorious ITT in the brutally cobbled winding medieval city center and the teams presentation, today it’ll be paltinis and on the morrow i’ll be heading towards the beautiful and gorgeous Transfagarasan highway. It’s quite high.

I’m loving every second of this tour. I’ve been waiting to do this for such a long time and it has yet to dissapoint in a big way, so faar the pictures have been sweet as hell. This will be glorious.

Vive la vie Velominati!

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iulie 5, 2012 at 7:58 am

it hunts

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You get to your subject, get off the tram or out of the car. Bike, whatever.

You check your gear.

You look, you see. What’s going on? What’s this about?

What is the shot i need to take? What is the shot i WANT to take? What is the shot that will happen, the natural one that you don’t force. The one that tells the only truth you have to see?

Can i do all three?

Step close, listen to the crowd. Listen and watch for non-verbal cues. What’s the semiotic language available to me. What are the symbols, what do they mean?

I’ve listened and I’ve learned what i can say and how. I’ve seen the people and I’ve seen their eyes.

I move back.

I shoot the wide shot. The one with the most context, the one that defines what’s going on in clear, easy to understand ways. Street-signs, people, gestures and context tell the story. I have almost everything i need. But what do i want?

I get closer. People start being entities, not crowds. You catch faces, gestures. The big faces first, then the small, then both. After all, the big faces is whwat people care about, why you are there. This is work, no time for fun.

My eyes move over the crowd.

You hold the camera to your chest so people can see it, never hide it. They need to get used to you, to feel comfortable. Don’t blink. More calmly. This is Zen, this is where you’ve learned through hard work to live. It’s what you love, this is what I love.

I hunt, I snap. I try to explain what’s happening, what I think is happening. This is the moment where opinions matter.

I move closer.  My subject is lurking somewhere out there. The hunt is on. Keep moving. Things happen, people move, you notice beforehand what’ll go on. You position yourself, you check your settings. You wait for the moment.

It happens.
It’s over.
There’s nothing more in this. You feel it in your gut. You’ve lost interest. You’ve conquered, you’ve caught your prey. What else is there but a warm beer and the dream of the next hunt.  Photography has no slow victories, no lasting glory.
1/125 sometimes more, sometimes less.

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ianuarie 27, 2012 at 9:05 am

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Our awesome space battle. In SPACE!!!

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The arena. Photo by Alex Vancu

”Laser tag is AWESOME!” Is pretty much the summary of this post, in case you don’t really feel like reading the whole thing. If you do however want to read the whole thing i recommend you use a childlike voice filled with glee, because that’s how it sounds in my head it’s how it was intended.

So after a clown touched me in a bad way with his balloon the other day Iulian, one of my party members, suddenly remembered that he had something to show us.  A space bar taht has laser tag and is conveniently placed near the center of town, where we were. We go see, because ne needed to waste some time and frankly a place called Space Bar sounds like it could be the place to spend it. Inside we find a great bar with monochrome designs that look like the future. They also have evil egg shaed swivel chairs. *swoon* We are impressed by this but then the guy asks if we wanna see the laser tag court. Yes, yes we damn would. OMG!!!!! It looks like SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!! I had the strangest boner as i went through that maze of neon and dark light where everything looked radioactive. I’ve never in my life been in a real map from Unreal Tournament or AvP. This was it, this was gold. This is our new gaming den. A DM on a evil swivel chair seems like a natural choice.

Today we want back there after some frantic searches to find enough people with enough free time and enough free cash so we can do this. Eventually all my expectations we’re exploded into space when we actually managed to get more than the minimum of players. We were 8 in the end. Me, Jew, Iulian, Alice, Motzi, Milena, her fiancee and her brother.

”So, what are we playing. Team deathmatch or free for all?”


And purge it we did. After A quick  talk about the rules that went something like this: ” The first rule of space is that there are no rules, the second rule is that you shouldn’t run DOWN that ramp or you’ll  die.”

Then we go in and all hell breaks loose. Lasers and D&B music are everywhere. I feel like I’m Commander Shepard or some sort of poor PDF guy killing xeno scum. At first you run, and you frag. This keeps going and eventually you tire. You hear your own breathing and your eyes move quickly through the maze looking for the blinking lights of another player. A enemy. Sometimes you get him, sometimes he gets you but perspiration starts dripping from your nose and soon you also hear your heart along with your laboured breath. What the hell, this is only 20 minutes, how much longer is this going on. You meat your enemy in a convoluted memory of a shootout. Everyone looses many times and you start feeling more and more tired. Adrenaline keeps you going after that. It’s a war, and war never changes. It’s either you or him and you’ll do everything in your power to make sure it’s him.

The best moments of that game were the small moments of friendship. Of a pat on the back when you die, or when you kill someone. It’s a small thing but it means a lot. It’s the moment that separates it from the true hell of war. It’s the camaraderie of battle without it’s pain. It’s pure unadulterated fun.

We’ll be doing this every week now. It’s a great way to make friends and a great way to get to know yours better. In my group we’re all battle brothers. We’re a party of adventurers, it’s how we know each other but laser-tag came to complete taht and take it to new levels.


Oh, and Alice took a  gun to the face somehow. Don’t ask me how, I didn’t do it.

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ianuarie 6, 2012 at 9:01 pm

Verde pentru Biciclete

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You know, I really do apreciate the work these strange and slightly green tinted people do for my comfort when on a bike. Sure, it’s not really like buying me a new seat … even though my birthday is coming up and it would be a really nice gesture (I quite like the fi’zi:k Taurus and it would look good on my mountainbike, just thought I’d mention it). Anyway, they do seem to be making headway into making those obnoxious things that i will, for lack of a better word call ”bike lanes” on this city’s ruptured and bleeding sidewalks. Good for them and good for all of us who have but two leg powered wheels at out disposal at any given time. To show my apreciation for this (and get baloons) i try to go out to the bike marches through the city, mostly fun affairs (the last one even for me a nice bike shirt).

PICS FOR THE PICS GOD. <<<Many-a pic for download.

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octombrie 24, 2010 at 11:47 am

Earth Explorer.

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Gabriel Amza-IMG001IMG001

Facuta de Alex Vancu. Si awesome!

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mai 22, 2009 at 9:38 pm

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Poli vs Poli

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aprilie 22, 2009 at 6:13 pm

PRofesional rant

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Sa-mi bag splina in nevastuicile vietii.  Cata lipsa de seriozitate si profesionalism. Curat misel. Iaca aci o parabola despre de ce lumea e naspa si lipsita de respect si alte chestii elementare care io personal le consider necesare in societate. Daca nu respect macar frica. Daca nu frica macar ura. Iubire si severitate, nu dragoste si moleciune. Cum zicea profesorul meu de istorie din clasa a 9-a inainte sa ne dea 1 in catalog.

Iaca asa ca cica is fotograf, nu zic io ca is mare artist in viata ca is foarte departe de asa ceva dar imi place sa cred ca sunt pe drumul spre bucata aia de artistenie (daca nu exista cuvantul naspa pentru el). Iaca ase ca fac chestii, care cum va sa zica, fac poze pentru chestii ca chestii nu stiu sa fac. In legatura cu aia sunt incompetent dar cum majoritatea oamenilor nu pot sa faca chestii nu ma simt foarte frustrat de asta. Oricum, sa nu deviez mult. Ideea e ca fac poze, pe la evenimente, pe la concerte, daca sunt platit super daca nu e posibil sa do it anyway for a piece of cake, un suc sau macar putin respect, un te rog si un multumesc la sfarsit cand termin chestia si le pica falca cand vad cat de faine sunt pozele (asta mai rar).

Deci, review: CAKE. Seriously, o felie de torn de multumesc si iti fac tot festivalul de 4 zile de la munte cu 1433 de formatii si 16 curve care danseaza pe bat 53 de ore continuu in slow motion real. Asta, daca stii cum sa ma iei si te porti cu mine ca un om. Pentru ca la o adica poate ma distrez si io pe acolo si tot asa. Problema e cand  oamenii considera fotograful un fel de curva ieftina care trebuie sa se puna in genunchi si sa se milogeasca sa suck your FUCKING DICK. FUCK YOU YOU LITTLE TURDS. I WILL FUCK YOUR MOTHERS IN THE KNIFE WOUNDS I SHALL INFLICT ON THEIR BRAINS.

Dar din nou, deviez. „Ideea e ca”, dupa vorba lui Alex, nu strica sa arati oamenilor un pic de respect pentru ca that will surprise you. In schimb, sa oferi la 2 fotografi suma de 50 de lei sa o imparta intre ei pentru munca de 2 zile e putin insultator. People really aren’t that cheap of hookers. Ideea e ca daca zicea ceva de genul „you get cate o felie de tori si bere in fiecare din cele 2 zile”  rezultau cateva chestii:

1. In primul rand, pentru ei, ieseau fotografii din barlogul lor de ura mentru omenire unde stau si arunca cu rahat in trecatori (din iubire). Si le faceau poze la chestie, pentru ca it would have been fun.

1. AIci vine problema: tort plus bere egal diaree. Dar cat timp au closet curat aprovizionat cu hartie igienica tot iesea ok.

Lectia zilei: Sa tratezi oamenii cu respect pentru ca daca nu s-ar putea sa te trezesti cu familia omorata, masina incendiata si hamsterul plangand in borcan pentru ca a fost eviscerat si lasat sa moara incet.

Desigur, alternativa mai clasica ar fi ca te trezesti fara fotograf bun  ,pentru ca i-ai tratat urat si nu mai vor sa lucreze cu tine.

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martie 5, 2009 at 8:55 pm