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My first sighting of the northern lights

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I stand still. The night feels completely alive around me. The trees sway and the eddies in the leaves rustle softly as they gently gather at my feet. The air is cold in my lungs, it’s past midnight and i can already feel the burn of winter in my lungs. Not long until the first snow will fall, covering everything in white. Soon after there will be darkness but for now the night is bright.

The treetops are silhouetted on the sky. There is no moon, but clear, shining blue-green streaks sway across the sky in a mesmerizing performance. I can’t keep my eyes away from it. This is the first time I see the the merry dancers, the northern lights, the Aurora, named after the roman goddess of dawn. In the cold i feel at peace, this is the best that Sweden has to offer: a deep communion with nature, here you can feel the earth around you.

You feel it’s alive.

Written by CyberFaust

Noiembrie 4, 2012 la 6:35 pm

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