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Hey, I’m angry and i’m gonna tell you all about it!

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See here, i’ve been working. It’s been a frustrating time, i’ve been here since january. Of course i’ve only started bieng paid since the middle of february, because that’s how things work here. Ideally you get paid nothing, but they have to at least sometimes pay you, so sometimes they do. But it’s always been late as fuck and overtime is of course not included.

Right now the pay is 2 weeks late. I am broke and upset, because next week i have to be on asignment and i may just have to walk several hundred kilometers to get there, what with not bieng able to afford the buss, let alone train or plane. So yay for that. Add to this the fact that lately i’ve been doing lots of overtime (unpaid, of course, god forbit) and the fact that it isn’t even appreciated, merely expected.

Last week my whorehopper told me i don’t work hard enough, this was in the last hour of a 12 hour work day. I dislike it.

I think I am going to quit soon.  It shall be glorious.

Written by CyberFaust

iunie 27, 2012 la 11:34 am

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