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Silliness, or a deep metaphor for modern angst?


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Oasa lake and the a bridge on which the Transalpina road runs

Just thought I’d pop by for a quick word about bridges, I’ll prbably be adding a link to Kit Soden’s interpretation of ”Lay of the Bridgeburners” Over at the end of the post too. It isn’t the first time i mention his album on this blog and realistically it won’t be the last. But i digress…

Do I love bridges! and do I love metaphors! I should make a bridge metaphor. I sort of feel like living on one, metaphorically, as i pointed out, I don’t think I could live on an actual bridge, i’m not good with water. BUt anyway, metaphor, bridge. I feel as though I live on one. Few things are particularly stable in life, though honestly I’m not sure they’ll eber get more stable, and i can’t say it doesn’t suit me. I like the things i can rely on in small doses that generally  only refer to people. Soon I’m gonna be moving to Sweden, or as i call it: SKYRIM! (don’t judge me), that particular event has a counter on it and it’s closing in fast, 50 days to go-ish. Ominous much? This brings about both problems and solutions, of course. I more or less hate my job on most days and that’ll be fixed. I can’t say I’m not looking forward to that. Apart from that I’m worried about the people in my life and how my interactions will be affected by my geographical complications. I have faith that many of my interpersonal relationships will manage to survive the distance, especially the amorous ones. Fortune favors the bold, eh?

/panic… in regards to those

Also the lack of cooking i’ve grown acustomed to these last months, and other problems like the lack of a place to rent are worrying me.

Anyone looking for an apartment-mate in Sundsvall by the way? I have no pets, i barely shed and i can be quite clean if i have to. I’m also artsy and i can make people laugh.

Oh, and i barely shed during this time of year.

I can’t say I ain’t enjoying my time on this bridge, I’ve been here since autumn, it’s sort of like a loading screen, but i’ll be damned if it isn’t some of the best fun i’ve ever had. Probably sweter due to it’s imminent end.

BUt as kotor teaches us, Apathy is death.



And that song, that we’re not gonna link right now because it doesn’t fit the mood, is here.

And a proper song for this atmosphere is: THIS!

Written by CyberFaust

Iunie 11, 2012 la 5:46 pm

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