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Good evening. I thought it time we had a little talk.

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Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

It has been, in the last few years when i’ve learned and grown enough to appreciate it, a constant pleasure to know that we actually have freedom of speech. People might not listen, and people often do not care. Dissemination and distractions abound, but all in all you’ve been free to say whatever you want on the internet. As a /b/tard i’ve been thankful and appreciative for all of this. I’ve seen things og great glory i otherwise wouldn’t have been able to, and i’ve seen horrible things i wish my mind could erase.  Some of them were under the copyright of one brand or another.

I guess you only appreciate these things when you see them going away. Today closed down for good. They did this willingly, probably to avoid legal action seeing how it is now illegal to run a torrent site in Sweden.

ACTA is happening, i really don’t think it will happen at the first vote. It can’t there will be too much protesting, too much rage, too much trolling of the vote. I really hope it doesn’t pass. The bastards are doing this though, maybe not now, but it will happen. They have too much power for it not to happen. Damnit, this really makes me angry. I’ve always cared about freedom, both mine and the ideal freedom towards which we should strive as a society and lately i’ve been seeing it taken away, piece by piece. Granted, there are many pieces that i give little shits about. The right to have a chicken as a pet for example is something i can live without.

My line comes with ACTA, and my ability to express whatever opinions i may have, even if they include the words ”Sony is shit”. I want my movie reviews to have bits of movies in them, so i can use their flaws as examples, i want many things that will be illegal. I DO NOT want my data searched when i travel around the world. I find this offensive and frankly i’d rather like to avoid sticking USB sticks into strange parts of my body in order to smuggle data around like some sort of Johnny Mnemonic clone. This is all so silly.

I understand why you wouldn’t care, of course. But think about it like this. The CEO of megaupload was arrested, sent to trial and convicted in what i think was less than a month, you can check it out if you like. He was also sentenced to 50 years in a US prison. The US doesn’t have prison terms that long for rape. This is the one time in my life i’ve seen the justice system in a allegedly ”free” country (yeah US, sure you are) take so little time to do anything, and of course it would do so only in order to bend the knee to pressure groups from the big entertainment industry.

This is, or so i like to think, the place where many of my generation draw the line. All the /b/tards, all the 9gagers and all the rest of the internet will probably rage about this like people haven’t raged in the western world in a while. And i shall probably rage with them. There’s an interesting facet to all of this, because this will probably not be peaceful, this won’t be calmly sitting in a diner waiting to be served as you get pummeled with fists.

This is that moment when you feed all the trolls of the planet, and if there’s one thing every one of those trolls have on their computer is the SAS manual for guerilla warfare. So this will be really interesting, because this will not be peacefull, this will probably be more akin to terrorism than anything else. The V masks are coming out, and the DDOS attacks are the first things to pop out, but when people in the polish parliment protest wearing V masks it’s a sort of approval, the meme starts going and you end up with a Stand Alone Complex situation where everyone shall troll what they perceive as symbols of power to a great degree. I am really looking forward to all of this, by the way, I bought a Guy Fawkes mask the other night.

This is really a good time for all the governments to think if they are afraid of waking up the beast that is their populace, because if anything will do it, this will.

I tell you, if shit gets real I’ll really miss the Geneva convention, because i don’t think we’ll be getting those rights anymore at that point.

Written by CyberFaust

februarie 6, 2012 la 1:48 pm

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  1. +1

    Mihai Popescu

    februarie 7, 2012 at 9:22 am

  2. It is a Guy Fawkes mask, not a V mask.
    Also, the human populace is either too dumb or doesn’t care. The beast you are calling upon is either long dead or in deep slumber.
    So we will become slaves eventually: 90% of the humans led by their masters and their whips.
    It will be so, because guys and gals like me do make those 90%. We don’t care where the world is going, because we all are indebt with a death. Alas we al die. Doesn’t matter if it is free or otherwise.


    februarie 7, 2012 at 1:15 pm

  3. I will not agree with Raul here. I want my freedom on the Internet and everywhere else. I am for the attacks and protests that will happen and I will not call it terrorism. It’s more of akin to Freedom Fighting. I am not happy with our current political and economic system. Again I am not happy to give up what little liberty I have on the Internet for a law that protects the elite and the rich.

    What do I suggest? Get yourselves behind a Proxy server and join the protests. Attack with nonchalance. They can catch some of us, not all of us. We are millions they are thousands. To quote Comrade Stalin, quantity has a quality of its own.


    februarie 9, 2012 at 1:56 pm

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