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Silliness, or a deep metaphor for modern angst?

Life isn’t so bad, thought Maddigan

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Because it really isn’t. These could be the happyest days of my life, he thought to himself and to a solitary tree a little bit down the road who was in ear-shot. These could be the happyest days of my life. Sure, that thought made him sick to his stomach, he quickly scrambled on the bike (for he was riding a bike) and managed to aim it at the ditch near the road. He fell in, head first and barely managed to puke out his sorrow on the ground in front of him just before his face followed it.

Slightly inebriated he staggered forth on his arse and stood there in the grass, next to his former lunch and quietly contemplating the stars that managed to find the will to shine on him tonight. A couple of rabbits were quietly laughing at him from behind a bush where not but a few minutes ago they were privately doing what rabbits do best. The rats, much like the stars shall remain anonymous but the Maddigan will not. „I think i’d better do something with my life before it’s all over” he managed to think through the fumes of Guinness rising from his mouth.

Un om care mergea pe acelasi drup, in aceeasi noapte fara luna, la doar 5 minute distanta, il vede in sant, merge la el si ii spune ca „cel mai fain lucru la a fi singura specie de pe pamand care poate diferentia intre bine si rau e ca putem sa ne inventam propriile reguli in functie de nevoi!” Omul pleaca si il lasa si mai confuz, stelele, la fel de confuze isi vad de treaba lor iar iepurii isi vedeau deja de treaba lor de ceva timp.

Written by CyberFaust

ianuarie 16, 2009 la 7:33 pm

Publicat în Random ramblings

2 răspunsuri

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  1. Deep dude… asta incercam si eu sa-i spun… de la mine n-a inteles. P.S. Interesant noua imagine. Mult mai jurnalistica 😉


    ianuarie 17, 2009 at 12:45 am

  2. Mersi, am incercat sa il curat putin ca era naspa deja si parea dezorganizat. Atata tot ca imi doresc sa am si image header, dar i guess you can’t have your cake and eat it to.
    Decat daca ai 2 torturi, dar aia e deja prea complicat.


    ianuarie 17, 2009 at 9:41 am

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