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in arad pe la un concert

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Si iaca c m-am trezit si io de dimineata devreme pe la 9ra 9 jumatate cca sa imi fa bagajul dupa ce m-am culct pe la 5 si m-am pregatit sa fug in arad ca am fost invitat and stuff. inca nu sunt sigur de ce sunt aici si deja stau pe aci de 5 ore dar i guess that’s the fun of it cica. I say again ca cica.

oricum sunt aicci la un concert l unei trupee, „HABAR” de care pana azi nu am avut habar caexista (see how witty i was there, isasade mandru) oricum, in trupa ata canta   de la kendo,, calin, la bass. Nu stiu inca nimicdar stau aci cu  aparatul pe umar si cu kaffiyeh-ul pe gast ca un fotograf serio si astept sa inceapa chestiile casa pot sa fa si io poze for lack of anything else to do.

Sound check de 3 ore si in 3 ore incepe concertul, om vedea, is curios, gen. more to come inclusiv poze.

Possibly, maybe.

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decembrie 27, 2008 at 4:45 pm

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RIP Majel Roddenberry

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She was called „The First Lady of Star Trek”. I can really say that Majel Rodenberry has kept alive a image of Star Trek that i love. The bit of old ST that i like more than the new stuff. She’s been with the idea from the start, probably because of Gene’s relationship with her but i think she loved star trek and it’s fans.  She kept the dream of ST alive for 42 years. Now, as a ST fan who wears a James T. Kirk pin on my suit i can’t help but feel we’ve lost something important. Sure, i may not be one of the biggest ST fans, i haven’t even watched DS9 and i’ve always been a TOS kinda guy but the news sucks. She died peacefully in her bed surrounded by loved ones. She was a big part of star trek, with the idea and project from day 1, „the Cage” as the unnamed first officer and since them she appeared in every series and every movie including the one yet to be released. She was the voice of every enterprise. Kirk, Picard, every captain heard her voice. I really can’t imagine another voice for the Enterprise and so much more. I hope Rod carries on the vision and the torch she’s carried since Gene’s passing.

I’m not one to be religious but still, it’s a sad day for fans. Gene, Doohan, Majel, RIP

Because i want to end on a bright note, you can hear her as the Enterprise in the new film, i look forward to that.

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decembrie 18, 2008 at 10:48 pm

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Campionatul national de kendo

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Si asa am fost si eu la campionatul national de kendo . Ca si spectator.amza-gabriel-5068

Intreaga chestie a fost foarte interesanta si educativa….dar frig. Foarte foarte frig. Pe tren am nimerit cu o echipa de atletism si fetele erau dragute. Si, from what i can immagine, bendy.

In bucuresti a fost frig si ceata, dar aia vine in alt blog post. La kendo a fost interesant, am avut ocazia sa vad in sfarsit cum arata kendo intr-o competitie mai oficioasa si nu doar in dojo si mi se pare foarte foarte diferit. Poate pe la vremea asta peste vreo 2 ani ajung si io pe acolo. 🙂


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decembrie 10, 2008 at 9:59 am