The Biscuit Barrel

Silliness, or a deep metaphor for modern angst?

Lovecraftian dialogues

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zed deathbringer: I feel nothing now, it’s been 3 days since I slept
Denny Crane: wtf
Denny Crane: why?
zed deathbringer: Chronic insomniac
zed deathbringer: It’s funny really
zed deathbringer: When I do sleep, I’m tired as hell
zed deathbringer: can’t bloody keep my eyes open
zed deathbringer: but miss one night, and I’m frikkin batman
zed deathbringer: I did sleep some though, I just tend to forget about it
Denny Crane: i wantto spell pifawi (we were playing scrabble)
zed deathbringer: Yesterday I went to sleep at 4, cuz they cut my power
zed deathbringer: spell it then
zed deathbringer: but they won’t let you
zed deathbringer: they always know that you want to spell it, they just don’t care
zed deathbringer: Sanity is a lie
zed deathbringer: There are only G.A.P.S.
Denny Crane: due
Denny Crane: face it
Denny Crane: there is no spork
zed deathbringer: YOU LIE!
Denny Crane: nu
Denny Crane: it’s teh tubes
Denny Crane: you see them everywhere
Denny Crane: but where do tehy go
Denny Crane: why do they carry
Denny Crane: and what
Denny Crane: i want to know
Denny Crane: though i dread it
Denny Crane: we should start digging duminica.
zed deathbringer: They are not really tubes, but tiny, vibrating strings that oscilate fast enought to appear tubualer in shape
zed deathbringer: They carry a charge of energy completly neutral in polarity, yet greater in intensity than anything we kow
zed deathbringer: *know
zed deathbringer: if they ever stop, they cease to exist
Denny Crane: duminica we dig
Denny Crane: but where?
zed deathbringer: To Him Who Knows No Rest?
Denny Crane: do we dare?
zed deathbringer: We must, for he brought us fire
zed deathbringer: We must free him, and challange the gods who would not wish us live!
Denny Crane: he brought us DOOM!
zed deathbringer: He brought us POWER!! Such as only the Masters can wield
Denny Crane: fiery doom that we see in our nightmres on pale autum nights of windless noise
zed deathbringer: No, he is that which stirs the embers of our gray hearts to the twisted lustings from before!
Denny Crane: we cannot face the power, we cannot wield it, he vage nothing and kept everything but a illusion
Denny Crane: there is nothing but fear and death on taht path
zed deathbringer: Fear for the foolish, death for the weak, those of great will may bend the power, use it to awaken him, and he shall teach us to slaughter and revel as never before!!
Denny Crane: so do we digg to talk or to kill, for i fear we have different objectives
Denny Crane: he cannot live as much as you cannae sleep
zed deathbringer: I wish to slay him
Denny Crane: i wishg the same
Denny Crane: then it is agreed
Denny Crane: ?
zed deathbringer: Then our course is set, though the ends will not be pleasing to us both
Denny Crane: the choice is made and the dice os rolling, whether we dig or not he knows
Denny Crane: we cannot turn back from this path
zed deathbringer: it knows and it laughs at us even know as we prepare to descend upon it with murder in our hearts and doom upon our minds!
zed deathbringer: *now
Denny Crane: yet it does not know we might succeed
zed deathbringer: It does not phantom defeat
Denny Crane: we must first quest for the map
zed deathbringer: I have the key
Denny Crane: good, for digging randomly will yeald nothing to us but shit and bones
zed deathbringer: Ah, but bones know things brother, things which might be of aid
Denny Crane: we cannot start this night, it stirres it it’s own darkness too much
Denny Crane: i sense it
Denny Crane: aye, but you have the key
Denny Crane: and bones are his servants, we cannot trust the bones, not now, not now taht he knows
zed deathbringer: Of course, so do we all, some do not realise , but we,those of us with the knowledge, know what it means
zed deathbringer: The bones do not lie to me, they dare not, for I may bring them harm even beyond the veil of death, I may not destroy them, but I may bring to them pain
zed deathbringer: And for the dead, pain is an abhorrent thing
Denny Crane: not now, he knows and has taken all power taht he can, we will not aid us, we msut turn to others for such things
Denny Crane: others taht might be worst, i dare not awaken them as long as we have a choice
zed deathbringer: The old dead gods will help, their still white bones have long been forgotten in the desserts, they will gladly slay this thing for the promise of souls
zed deathbringer: The promise of faith will stirr their minds, mayhap they will guide us to it
Denny Crane: but what of the key?
Denny Crane: breb, bathroom
zed deathbringer: The key is my own
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zed deathbringer: You may not know it, nor may you divine it’s bond with me, save that when the stars are right blood must be spilled so it may feast and grow strong, the key is above all else in importance, the key must remain unkown, untill the time is right
Denny Crane: it surely knows
Denny Crane: it would not overlook something like  this
Denny Crane: it cannot
zed deathbringer: No, it may only spy on the key dimly, we have long prepared
Denny Crane: the key was oce his, untill it forgot and it faded from him
zed deathbringer: And know the kwy wishes to return to him, as it was long before
zed deathbringer: It cares not for the thing, but for the place where it once stood
Denny Crane: tell me more
zed deathbringer: I have said too much, seek the Necronomicon, in those testimonies to madness you shall find but two verses that differ from the rest
zed deathbringer: Therein lies the secret of the key
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Denny Crane: i see little use in digging up things best left forgoten
Denny Crane: but we are straying rom out path as it grows strong, we must dig
zed deathbringer: Yet laying them to sleep seems the only choice
Denny Crane: aye
zed deathbringer: lest you wish it return at least
Denny Crane: i wish nothing but the ultimate demise of such things, and i have a feeling your key is one of such things
Denny Crane: we must end it also, when out plans are done
zed deathbringer: No, it is of both worlds, though more of it’s earthly mother than the thing which spawned it
Denny Crane: we cannot risk it creeping into our dreams and sensing what we know and how to awaken them again
zed deathbringer: It wishes to leave, and the other’s blood is the gateway
Denny Crane: then so be it, all shall perish from this plane of existence, if we succeed
Denny Crane: …
Denny Crane: if we succeed
zed deathbringer: be warned, should the thing shed it’s corrupted marrow on the soil, great evil shall come of it, though no worse than what should happen if we do nothing
zed deathbringer: you must let the key lapp the blood from it wounds, as the leech it trully is
Denny Crane: we are far from such plans
Denny Crane: tehy are best kept unlaid for now
Denny Crane: remember the thing creeps into our sleep
Denny Crane: and there is only so much we can go with no sleep
zed deathbringer: events are put in motion, we cannot turn back the tide, nor can we hope to undo our work, but perhaps we end it
zed deathbringer: we can escape, I have found a way
zed deathbringer: Within the dreaded realm of slumber lies the veil that you must pierce, be warned it is His domain, yet for all it’s sickening monstrosity, beauty lies to those who may find it, beauty and solace
Denny Crane: i can find no solace in such a place
Denny Crane: it is his
Denny Crane: he will merely use it to torment us
Denny Crane: we cannot escape
Denny Crane: out plan is best continued with
zed deathbringer: Go beyond his reach, it is not of him, though he plagues it
Denny Crane: enough of this
Denny Crane: where do we digg
zed deathbringer: look where Polaris shines in the new moon, as the hunter wanes towards the earth, there is the place
zed deathbringer: you will know it by the voices
Denny Crane: me?
Denny Crane: WE shall know it by the voices
Denny Crane: we digg together
zed deathbringer: I shall come with they key
zed deathbringer: we meet on the second hour of the third day
zed deathbringer: there we both dig
Denny Crane: we shal meet near the church in town, the one who’s spires touch the sky and who’s garcoyle look bleakly on the world
Denny Crane: perhaps they know
zed deathbringer: They speak not those those such as myself
Denny Crane: what?
zed deathbringer: I converse with…the others, and they have left their stain on me
zed deathbringer: The gargoiles know, they hear more than they let us catch on
Denny Crane: ones of stone often see things we do not
Denny Crane: tehy see change best of all
Denny Crane: sonething we fail at, i think sometimes
zed deathbringer: They are fools, the greater number of them. They think they are old and wise, when they are but grains of dust under the pieces of the board…Fate and Chance play this game to while eternity away, and naught but the Old Ones shall survive their last move..
Denny Crane: we must fight for our little piece of time and sanity
Denny Crane: we cannot hope for more that a moment’s rest
Denny Crane: and there is price enough to pay even for that
zed deathbringer: He cannot dare to hope
Denny Crane: he needs no hope\he has all he needs
zed deathbringer: We can endure, I think, but not for long, we will all be forgotten, yet perhaps in this one thing our memory remains
Denny Crane: then in a rise of the moon we meet

Written by CyberFaust

octombrie 17, 2008 la 11:39 pm

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  1. Diana Petrescu: deci serios
    Diana Petrescu: whatever shit you’re smoking
    Diana Petrescu: I want it
    Diana Petrescu:
    castor troy: why do you say we’re smoking shit?
    castor troy: su ma rog, me?
    Diana Petrescu: zed deathbringer: The old dead gods will help, their still white bones have long been forgotten in the desserts
    Diana Petrescu: hmmmmm
    Diana Petrescu: dessert!
    Diana Petrescu:
    castor troy:
    castor troy: you are suh a grammar nazi
    Diana Petrescu: yummie
    castor troy: i have more typos than he does
    castor troy: ai mai gaasit altele?

    Diana @ Metropotam

    octombrie 18, 2008 at 6:58 pm

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