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chapman1.jpgNascut in 1941 pe 8 ianuarie in timpul unui raid aerian in Londra. He is best known for his work with Monty Python’s flying circus si pentru ca este unul dintre oameni pe care ii respect incredibil de mult. He was a looney. And,a pooftah, dar aia era complet treaba lui. Era si alcoolic, lucru care a creat mari probleme in timpul filmarilor la „Monty Python and the Holy Grael” unde abia era destul de treaz incat sa joace. Yet still he has a exquisite performance.
A fost un om genial. He knew how to live his life and had a very full one. He knew how to have fun. In 1959 s-a inscris la Camebridge la medicina. Aici a descoperit grupul Footlights, grupul de teatru si cabaret al facutatii. Aici a cunoscut cativa dintre membrii Monty Python, care pe la vremea aia erau foarte plictisiti si beti.
Monty Python was born.
In many ways, Chapman was the epitome of public-school respectability, a tall, craggy pipe-smoker who enjoyed mountaineering and playing rugby. At the same time, he was proudly gay and highly eccentric (Douglas Adams remembered seeing Chapman in his local pub, casually whacking his penis against the bar to attract the attention of the bar staff).Chapman was an alcoholic from his time in medical school. His drinking affected his performance on the TV recording set as well as on the set of Holy Grail, where he suffered from withdrawal symptoms including delirium tremens.

chapman3.jpgOne of Chapman’s greatest supports during this period was his long-term partner David Sherlock (who was also joint guardian of Chapman’s adopted son John Tomiczek). Chapman had been a practising homosexual since his mid-twenties, and embraced his sexuality with vigorously, becoming a founder member of Gay News and an active campaigner for gay rights.

In 1977 Chapman (with frankly superhuman effort) gave up drinking almost overnight. Even without the drink, Chapman’s humour was always the most surreal of any of the Pythons – after all who else would turn up to a speaking engagement dressed as a giant carrot, and stand in silence for 10 minutes before leaving again? Still, his next Python role, in The Life of Brian, could perhaps be considered the peak of his career.

Chapman died of a rare spine cancer. He was diagnosed with it in November 1988 after visiting his dentist where a growth was found on his tonsils. By September 1989 the cancer was declared incurable. He filmed scenes for the 20th anniversary of Monty Python that month, but was taken ill again on October 1 1989. Present when he died in a Maidstone Hospice on the evening of October 4 1989 were John Cleese, Michael Palin, David Sherlock, his brother John and John’s wife, although Cleese had to be led out of the room to deal with his grief. Terry Jones and Peter Cook had visited earlier that day. Chapman’s death occurred one day before the 20th anniversary of the first broadcast of Flying Circus; Terry Jones called it “the worst case of party-pooping in all history.”

graham_chapman_colonel.jpgPe mine personal m-a afectat uimitor Monty Python fiind unul dintre cele mai bune stiluri de umor pe care le-am vazut in viata mea. Am imprumutat un DVD de la British Councile and i was hooked. Graham mi se parea genial, avea un umor nebun si foarte random. Chiar si cand nu era beat era cel mai flamboyant bastards around. He lived his life, he had fun and then he died a little.

He was a looney. A mad, insane bastard. He is one of my heroes.

Written by CyberFaust

februarie 10, 2008 la 3:59 am

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  1. Stiai ca Douglas Adams a jucat in The Flying Circus? Ei bine, caracteristic pentru fiecare membru al trupei era un personaj aparte… asa cum pentru Chaplin reprezentativ era cersetorul Charlot, pentru Chapman era colonelu’. (pentru Idle prezentatorul, pentru Palin sociopatul timid si fara vointa, pentru Cleese…greu de zis…)
    „I am invincible!!!” said the Black Knight. „You’re a looney” said Arthur, king of the britons…king of the who? The britons..who are the britons…we are, we all are…never heard of the britons…and who made you king anyway…i didn’t vote for you…you don’t vote for kings…then how did you become king…(the lady of the lake…bla bla)..listen, weird ladies living in ponds distributing swords isn’t a basis for ruling. executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some vast aquatical ceremony…i mean you can’t expect to weild supreme power, just because some wattery slut thew a scimitar at you… God rest his soul.


    februarie 14, 2008 at 7:51 am

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